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A Great Startup City
Has Three Pillars
The Network
The friends you make today are tomorrow's investors, cofounders, employees, and mentors. The network of a city is its lifeblood
Access to Capital
In order to get moonshot ideas off the ground, it takes brave capital looking for brave founders. The capital flowing though a city is its potential.
Via Osmosis
Startup cities have a beat, that people live and breath.  Through Osmosis, anyone can learn and absorb the information to succeed.  Osmosis can turn an outsider into an insider.

In Forward Thinking City, we offer residents these six benefits in order to provide the three pillars.


A community.

Join our founder Slack community and meet someone new


Fundraising Tools.

Looking to raise capital? We've built tools to help.


Event Calendar

Attend one or all of our 20+ monthly events we put on .
Sit back and enjoy! 🎉


Premium Content

Get access to  paid newspaper, covering daily news in startups



We have databases of founders and investors you get access to


Office Hours

Have a problem? Jam with someone about it and solve it with help from FTC.
Sit back and enjoy! 🎉

Practically, here is what some of those look like

Peers are crucial to startup success. Luckily, we have something better; Residents.

When you join Forward Thinking City, you're automatically added into our Town Square.This is where you interact with other residents, and get to know new residents as they join.

Community is built in the DMs, not public channels, so don't worry about too many channels to keep track of

Want to know all the pre-seed VCs? We got you.

If you're not based in the right circles, it's hard to know what VCs are legit, which ones to trust, and what stage they invest in.

This is why we've developed a growing database of VCs in our network, and their average check size, so you know who to reach out to and when. Oh, and you can request intros to any of them :)

We Help you Raise Capital

Want to meet a venture capitalist to pitch your company? Simply request an intro through our simple tool. We will either send the intro to the VC, or reject the intro and give our reasoning.

No more "networking" in to the VC network. Request any intro you want and we'll give it to you straight if you're not ready, or advocate for you if you are.

We have 20-40 events a month that are open to residents

Every month, we stack up a full lineup of events for you to attend. From happy hours to no code 101 sessions, there is many events you will align with. Want to see the events calendar? Become a resident and see what's going on!

Know what's going on in startups, every day

We put together a daily digest about what happened in the last 24 hour of early stage tech startups. Don't worry, we report far earlier than Techcrunch, and stop likely as they pick up.

Want to know about new startups, open positions, or trends going on in startup land? You got it, every day.

Need some one on one time? Book a slot and let's talk!

Sometimes, you need some one on one help. Luckily, any resident has access to our Calendly to book time when they need it.

Need help with fundraising, no code, go to market, hiring, etc.? Book a time and let's get into it and make it happen!

Some AMA's we've hosted so far

AMA w/ Kristen Anderson

CEO of Catch

AMA w/ Austen Allred

CEO of Lambda School

AMA w/ Daryna Kulya

COO of OpenPhone

AMA w/ Chandan Lodha

CEO of Cointracker

Why Move To
Forward Thinking City?

1. Make friends.
With our event calendar and slack community, founders easily can  build relationships with eachother
2. Raise Capital.
We have built out custom tech to help aid founders on the fundraising journey, from pre-seed to Series A.
3. Get Premium Content.
We have a podcast and a paid newsletter, which residents get access to as part of their subscription..

Meet a few of our residents

Alec Ryncavage

" Community means everything to me. I run a venture-backed startup, yet am based in rural Pennsylvania. I have limited access to a new generation of thinkers and builders, so Forward Thinking City gives me access to these people without needing to leave my state"

Meg Matthees

"I bought into the Fwdthinkingcity vision early on because I believed in the concept. The notion of making the magic of Silicon Valley accessible on a remote level was fascinating. It has not disappointed. From access to CEOS I admire to collaborating with founders I'm inspired by - the ROI on my Fwdthinkingcity taxes is 10x"

Greg Fragin

"The city gives me the opportunity to tap into the energy of silicon valley from my home on the east coast.  

With access to AMA's from the most interesting founders in tech to coffee hour schmoozing with industry leaders, FTF continues to deliver on value."


Full Resident Access
/ per month
  • Access  our community
  • Access  fundraising tools
  • Access to all content
  • Lock in your price
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